1) How does our website work?
Our website mainly works as bridge between people looking for friends and followers. The coins are provided to people which acts as rewards. When you follow or give facebook likes, or watch someones video or visit their website they give you coins, and vice versa when they follow, like, view you. It is up to you that how many coins you want to provide for each like or follow etc. We act as the agents and introduce you to various people. It is you who choose your friends for long run. You can find many people on site as our site focuses on community development!
2) What are coins?
Coins are used to promote your website or social media page. You can earn them by liking, sharing, following, etc., other people's pages, or you can buy them using cash in your account and selecting your favouraite coin pack..
3) How can I earn coins?
You can earn them by liking, sharing, following, etc., other people's pages (for example, if you like someone's photo you get 2 coins), or you can buy them using your cash and selecting your favouraite coin pack
4) Can I buy coins?
Yes, you can buy coins. Just click on the "Buy coins" button.Coins are added to your account instantly after payment.You Will pay from cash you earned from activities.
5) How do I use coins?
It's simple, when you add your website/photo/social page for others to like/share/follow/etc., you have to set a price on how much a like/share/follow would cost. Then, when someone likes/shares/follows coins are automatically deducted from your account.
6) What is CPC?
CPC means Coins Per Click. Setting higher CPC for what you want others to share/follow/like/etc., will get your content listed first and you will get shares/follows/likes/etc. faster than others with CPC set lower than you.
7) How do I get shares/likes/followers/etc. faster?
It depends on what CPC you set. Setting higher CPC gets you shares/likes/followers/etc. faster. Getting the VIP package allows you to set the highest CPC, thus getting the fastest rate.
8) Can I withdraw money from my account?
Note :- If You Add Cash Through PAYPAL and PAYZA to your account,Once The Transaction Is Placed it can't be reversed and you can't withdraw spent money then...

Money You Get From Refferals Can Only Be Used For Purchasing Coins or VIP Membership. You Cannot Withdraw It..
9) Didn't Get Your Answer ??
If You Have Any Type Of Doubt good,bad,crappy,awkward or whatever it is ,feel free to ask our team 24/7 Online.. Contact Here